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Living Ordinary Life with Extraordinary Love, by Thomas Keating This is a record of Fr. Thomas’ keynote address at the 2004 CO Annual Conference in Toronto. The theme of the conference was “Finding Peace at the Center: A Contemplative Response.”

The Divine Therapy, Part 1: Lectio Divina, with Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler
This and also parts 2 and 3 below were one video in a series titled “Transformation in Christ.

The Divine Therapy, Part 2: The Human Condition, with Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler

The Divine Therapy, Part 3: Q and A Session with Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler

Parable of the Great Banquet: Luke 14: 15-24, by Thomas Keating This is a recording of Fr. Thomas’ homily from the mass at the 2002 CO Annual Conference in Nashville, TN.

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  Join a local Centering Prayer group

Belonging to a Centering Prayer group supports growth in this prayer practice. A typical weekly meeting consists of experience, education and sharing. For example, a group meeting might begin with a 20-minute period of Centering Prayer followed by a time for educational enrichment in the conceptual background to Centering Prayer and the Christian contemplative heritage, and end with experience-based sharing on the prayer and its effects in daily life. Some groups may also practice a form of Lectio Divina. To see if there is a prayer group in your area, visit the Community section of our parent site ( and choose your local region.

Local Prayer Groups

10:00 am – 11:00 am; Mount St. Joe Motherhouse, Delhi Rd., 45051; Contact: Sr. Joyce Richter, 921-1543;; also Liz Maxwell  347-6691 (Zoom)
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm; St. Frances De Sales Contemplation/Meditation Group (WCCM Format); Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206; Contact: Jan Seidel  513-231-6289; (Meeting by Zoom for now)
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (1st and 3rd Mondays); Bellarmine Parish Center, Xavier University;  Contact: Rosie Laughlin, 513-476-6842 (Zoom)

2:30 pm- 3:30 pm, Bellarmine Chapel (in the side chapel), Xavier University,  3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH, 45207; Contact:  Amy Whitlatch,;  (On hiatus)
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Mount St. Joe Motherhouse, Delhi Rd., 45051; Contact:   Sr. Joyce Richter  513-921-1543 (On hiatus)
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Willig Chapel – Jesuit Spiritual Center, 5361 S Milford Rd, Milford, OH 45150; Contact: John Orr,,  513-417-7126 (On hiatis)

10:00am – 11:00am, Our Lady of the Visitation, 3172 South Road, Cincinnati, OH 45248; (NOTE: Temporary location during construction approx. through June: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 5841 Werk Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248); Contact: Bill Tonnis ; 513-347-2218; (Zoom)
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, St Frances De Sales Contemplation/Meditation Group (WCCM Format), Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45206; Contact: Jan Seidel  513-231-6289; (Zoom)
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, St James Episcopal Church, 3207 Montana Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211; Contact: Kathy McDonald,; Natasha Burrowes,, 206-734-2846 (On hiatus although meeting sporadically by Zoom)

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  The Method of Centering Prayer – the Prayer of Consent (PDF)  (click here)

If you are new to Centering Prayer this is an excellent “Start Here” guide.  It includes a brief description and background of the prayer, and an overview of the Four Guidelines with some tips and other ‘getting started’ info.  Also a great quick reference for your ongoing practice.

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  The Contemplative Life Program

The Contemplative Life Program (CLP) explores how to be a practicing contemplative, abiding in the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life. The CLP provides the in-home tools, the Christian contemplative teachings and the support necessary to live and embody the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. There are 17 different topics. You may participate either via year-long subscriptions or individual booklets. For more information, visit here ( Scholarships are available. Questions and requests for scholarship applications may be directed to or 1-973-838-3384.

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  In-depth, In-Person Courses

Two courses are offered periodically by local Contemplative Outreach chapters. The Living Flame Program is designed to heighten the awareness of the dynamics of Centering Prayer in the context of the spiritual journey and offer guidance for staying faithful to one’s Centering Prayer practice. It meets one Saturday a month for seven consecutive months. More information may be found here (

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  The Practice of Contemplative Living

A nine-month process of formation enabling participants to create a contemplative lifestyle in the contemporary world. Prayer, contemplative living and the integration of contemplation and action are cultivated, and the process is aided by the development of relational prayer through contemplative prayer practices. The program requires an established Centering Prayer practice and a commitment of traveling one weekend a month to the designated regional location for nine months. More information may be found here (

PicsArt_06-22-07.55.12  Retreats

Retreats are a way to take one’s relationship with God and one’s practice deeper. They offer time and space away from the busyness and demands of daily life, and allow the mind, body, and spirit to surrender to God’s presence and action within. The Contemplative Outreach website has an online calendar of retreats all over the world. Browse here (

Retreats, workshops and special events are also featured in our monthly enews bulletin. Sign up to receive this bulletin by going to the “Stay Connected” ( introduction and following the directions.